Anneke Bester

Anneke’s work focuses on celebrating Femininity in all its aspects. She sculpts gorgeous female forms in sensual poses. She sees the female in its internal beauty and its core driving force that only a female sculptor can explore to its full extent.

Anneke toys with the line between sensual and sexual. She is pro femininity, Anneke doesn’t see the female form as an object but as a vessel of female energy that can be exuded in various forms and applications.

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She develops the female energy of nature and depicts the female forms as daughters of mother earth in her most recent work. In previous series she put the spotlight on modesty and our perception of nudity vs being covered with a series of work inspired by life in the Middle East and how cultural tradition can still allow women’s inner beauty and strength to shine through whatever the outer covering is.

As a career Artist Anneke has spent many years working as a woman in the male dominated commercial side of the arts, from The Court Theatre to movies like The Hobbit. Anneke has always strived for female equality with feminine energy.