Spirit of the Wind

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Approximate size: 310 x 400 x 60mm.

As part of the Flight of Fancy series, the concept in this piece was born in the Middle East. Anneke sculpted a big piece in Dubai of a similar theme and came home with the story still fresh in her mind. This piece explores the spirit of the horse. In the same spirit of the recent exploration of shaping human form into human emotion, Anneke used the animal form and shaped it into our projection of human emotion onto the animal world. We as humans believe that animals would feel emotion the way we do. With Spirit of the Wind Anneke explores our spiritual projection on animals. In Arab mythology the wind was untamed over the desert sands. God gave it form to tame it. The form it was given was the horse. This piece captures that transformation between wind and form, capturing the movement. Edition of 11.

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