Kaimanawa Horse

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As part of the Flight of Fancy series, this piece is close to home. As the Arabian horse is wind and grace, The Kaimanawa horses are a population of feral horses in New Zealand that are descended from domestic horses released in the 19th and 20th centuries. They are known for their hardiness and quiet temperament. In the same spirit of the recent exploration of shaping human form into human emotion, Anneke used the animal form and shaped it into our projection of human emotion onto the animal world. With Kaimanawa Horse Anneke explores our National self-image as New Zealanders and projects it onto these animals. She captures the inner-grace with a hardy no-nonsense exteriors and a toughness that shies for nothing. As a new-New Zealander she has a partly outsiders view and frankness that is shown in this piece. Edition of 11.

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