Time Court at Hamilton Gardens
The first Three sculptures that were commissioned by the Hamilton Gardens were the White Rabbit,  Mad Hatter and the Dormouse from the Alice in Wonderland book. The Time Court has a big sundial on the paving and is linked to several other gardens. The Mad Hatters tea party was to link all these areas with each other. The White Rabbit known for always being late has a pocket watch in his hand, but the pocket watch is melting in the Surrealist way of Salvador Dali. The mad Hatter has an Orchid in his lapel to link with the Tropical Garden and is holding a Chinesery teapot to link with the Chinesery Garden. The dormouse was happily pooping out of the teapot.

Then when next funds were available they commission Alice, she was sculpted in the same style with additional cups and saucers for the tea party.

Photography by Emma Brittenden.

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Tudor Gardens at Hamilton Gardens

Sculptures were commissioned by Hamilton Gardens to decorate the Tudor Gardens with Heraldic Figures. Eight themes were chosen and the design process started. Once designs were approved the sculpting commenced. As per Tudor custom, these sculptures that would have been wooden carved were painted afterwards by another contractor. In the case of the Hamilton Gardens Tudor figures, they are bronze cast and painted to resemble the effect with a much more durable material of construction.

The figures were chosen from the Tudor period and include Bottom from “a Midsummer night’s dream” by William Shakespeare. The shields are decorated by the family crests of the sponsors of the pieces.

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Dubai Mall Falcons

During Anneke’s second stint in Dubai she was commissioned to sculpt 8 lifesize falcons through a theming company, by Emaar for the Dubai mall. They are installed in the gold souk in an atrium.

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Auckland Plastic Surgical Centre

The commission had to do with creating a Corporate Identity for the Surgical Centre. The idea of a rebirth was presented to the client with 3 paintings to illustrate the rebirth and finally with a bronze cast imbedded in a resin pool as the main piece for their sign board.  I was commissioned to both the sculpting and Painting for the project. Working with plastic surgeon on a piece like this was very insightful in terms of what beauty is and how we perceive it.

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Individual Commissions

A selection of commissions created for a range of individuals.

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